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In Samoa living we export our innovative products to more than 50 countries. All our commercial network and our customer service is managed from the core, our factory, where we develop and produce our products with the most qualified staff.

The production process begins with the development of the design from the creative department, where our designers analyze the needs of our customers as well as the most innovative tastes and designs. They reflect their ideas to offer the best comfort and quality with the best coatings. Our leathers are 100% Italian and the fabrics and materials are European, this places us in a very high quality standard.

Once the product is developed we create a prototype wich is analyzed by the upholsterers experts, its in this part of the process when we analyze the needs, compositions and materials and once every process is clear will pass to manufacture the product in our factory.

To keep your upholstered furniture:

To keep your upholstered product in good condition, you should periodically wipe a clean cloth on it, dry and that does not damage or scratch your upholstery.
Do not use any abrasive products or that could damage the leather.
For liquid, greasy, solid or dry substances, they should be removed by carefully rubbing the stain on the surface with an ecological white cloth mixed with warm water and neutral soap or by absorbing with an ecological cloth that’s not mixed abrasive with water.
Then dry it with a cloth different from the one used initially to remove the stain and never use a dryer or put the stain near a radiator to dry it, as this will damage the leather.
For the ink stains, you must use the special treatment to remove them, of sale in the specialized centers of upholstery.

Because it is natural leather, you can see marks and scars, as well as different textures, depending on the part of the skin used. These are specific characteristics of the natural leather; therefore, it enters inside the normality of the armchairs.
To maintain its density and color, the armchair should be located as far away as possible or at least 50cm from radiators or stoves as well as prevent direct sunlight from the upholstery.
Do not use abrasive products (bleach, ammonia, etc.) that could damage your seat.

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